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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my electronics once they are are picked up?


When Y2K picks up electronics, they are brought to the warehouse to be packaged together.  Once your material is ready for recycling, it is shipped to our downstream, state certified recycler Cal Micro. Once there, Cal Micro disposes and recycles all e-waste according to California State standards. 


Why do you need information such as my name and address?


As a certified e-waste collector through the Department of Toxic Substances Control and CalRecycle, Y2K is required to obtain personal information (name, address, phone number, and signature) in order to recycle any television or monitor.  CalRecycle uses this information as part of the SB20 recycling program to check and track state recycling. For more information about recycling in California and mandated procedures, visit DTSC or CalRecycle websites.


What should I do about the data on my hard drive?


Y2K does NOT recover or destroy data from any hard drive. Instead, we offer a destruction service. Customers can request a certificate of destruction (COD) from us when dropping off any personal computer containing a hard drive. Please ask about rates by calling or emailing us.

Are picked up electronics tax deductible?


Electronic waste that is picked up or dropped off is not tax deductible as the items are being recycled and not donated.



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