Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my electronics once they are are picked up?


When Y2K picks up electronics, they are brought to the warehouse to be packaged together.  TVs and computer towers are stacked onto pallets and sent to MeTech Recycling in Gilroy, CA.  MeTech recycling disposes and recycles according to California State standards.  More information regarding their process can be found on their website.


Why do you need me to fill out a flier?


As a certified handler through the Department of Toxic Substances Control and CalRecycle, Y2K is required to obtain personal information (name, address, phone number, and signature) in order to recycle your items.  California uses this information to check and track state recycling.  For more information about recycling in California and mandated procedures, visit DTSC or  CalRecycle websites.


What should I do about my data on my hard drive?


Y2K recommends wiping your hard drive or using other means to destroy it prior to having it picked up. If requested, MeTech Recycling or Y2K Electronics Recycling can also give consumers a Certificate of Destruction.  An additional fee may apply.


Are picked up electronics tax deductible?


Items that are picked up or dropped off are not tax deductible as the items are being recycled and not donated.



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